just hanging out in the Rocky Mountains🗻🗻

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HAPPY 19th TO MY FURURE ROOMIE! can’t wait to see what this year at osh has in store for us! I’m just so excited! peace✌️ love💛 eggplants🍆

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selfie sunday conquering my fear of snakes🐍 #badlands #snakeselfie

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yay for buffalo! #southdakota

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bae: come over

me: i cant i’m shooting a badly directed video with my band

bae: my parents are not home



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girls are so hot???? like i see a hot girl every 2 seconds.  and a hot guy about every 2 weeks.  and even then i’m wary because he might end up yelling something rude at me or making a rape joke or something

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ashton was literally that employee that just strolls around the store and doesn’t actually do any work but everyone loves him so he would never get fired

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I:”who is the mummy’s boy?” *everyone points to Louis*

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Turin, 7/6’14

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but they look so fucking good don’t try to fucking tell me they don’t look like the rich ass sons of the fucking mafia i’m throwing up

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